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Types of Name Badges

This article is designed to show you some of the major types of name badges.  This article should help you identify what a badge actually is.  Read this article to find and learn about the different types of articles.

Major Types Of Name Tags

By Mike Zhmudikov

If you are a manager or state worker or just a person who needs to be known and popular or a public service employee you are definitely wearing a badge whether this is a public event or an every-day routine. What is a badge, anyway? Is it always of the same size, form and material?

A badge or Identity Document Card (ID card) is a piece of identification – a document designed to verify aspects of a person's identity. Such an ID card can contain various kinds of information about the person: his/her age, name, surname, occupation, nationality and other details. Anyway, such cards can substitute passports, social security cards (not always, though) but this varies from country to country. But an original badge often contains minimum information about the holder – name, surname and post. Such cards are inserted into a plastic rectangular transparent containers and are worn on the chest. Name badges can always help you to get access to services or arrangements without the necessity to show your primary identity document. To lose it does not mean to lose your passport – the renewal is much easier.

There are 5 major types of badges that are becoming more and more popular nowadays:
1) Simple Name Tag (no logo);
2) Laser Engraved Name Badges;
3) Screen Printed Name Badges;
4) Digitally Printed Name Tags;
5) Metal Name Badges.

No wonder that simple Name Tags with no logo are a very economical way to get your name in front of your customers fast. They are the most conventional way to attract attention. As for Laser Engraved Name Badges they are more exclusive and expressive. The quality of these name tags is flawless and will undoubtedly catch the eyes of your customers. Screen Printed Name Badges present a very effective method to deploy name tags due to the crisp, bold color that is able to be produced. Name badges printed digitally are great for logos with a lot of color on them that would not work with screen printing. Premier Metal Name Badges always “stand out of the crowd” due to their ability to appear effectively and to be great for the corporate tie and real estate environment.

Moreover, there are also such items that can help your name or your business logo be wide-known almost everywhere because they can be hanged on every metallic surface.

Mike Zhmudikov is a professional copywriter and seo consultant. Such magnetic business cards are an ideal way to establish your brand, to make people aware of it and remember it for a long time.

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