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Tips for Choosing the Right Badges

The article below provides you with some helpful tips, when you are looking at choosing promotional badges for your business.  Should you choose button badges, enamel badges, name badges or other types?  This article provides some helpful pointers in that direction.

Tips To Choosing The Right Promotional Badges

By Praveen Samra

Badges are one of the most effective promotional items ever made - an enduring classic with a high perceived value. They lend themselves perfectly for corporate promotions, political campaigns, product campaigns, TV promotions, concerts, in store promotions, charity fundraising, as well as staff awards and recognition. Most types of business have benefited from the massive appeal of well designed promotional badges, from blue chip corporations, national and local government bodies, and health authorities to charities, schools and bands.

There are many different kinds of badges to choose from, including button badges, enamel badges, name badges, flashing badges, die cast badges, PVC badges, raised dimension badges, and precious metal badges. The main decision to make is often whether to go for button badges or enamel badges. Button badges are low cost and can be produced in very small numbers, whilst enamel badges are great as corporate brooches or souvenirs but cost slightly more and can take longer to make. As with all promotional products, a few key factors have to be taken into account when choosing badges.

These include the budget, leadtimes, marketing objective, profile of the target market, brand image and message to be conveyed, the question of overprinting, and whether any sort of customisation is required. Equally important is the choice of supplier as poor service can make or break a campaign. The best suppliers are those that are service rather than product led. Whether smart and corporate or funky and fashionable, promotional badges are manufactured and sold in their millions every year.

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