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Name Badges – Tell the World Who You Are 

The article below provides you with some good positive reasons for name badges.  At first, name badges may seem like just another addition but name badges are so much more then that.  Name Badges allow customers to become quickly connected to those working at the business (since they know their name) but it also gives those wearing the name badge a sense of belonging and worth.  Read more below.

Name Badges – Tell the World Who You Are

By Jeffrey Rayton

Name badges are ever popular they are used in so many settings for so many reasons it is highly unlikely that someone has not at least run across them once in their lifetime. Name badges usually have just the most basic of information contained on them, like the person's name.

They are rarely used for anything other than to convey the workers name to the customers. They are used in almost all hospitality settings for easy identification. As a matter of fact most all service industries require their workers to wear name badges as a way of making the customer feel at ease.

Sometimes you will see metal name badges; they are usually made of tin or aluminum and have two pins on the back so that the badge can be attached usually to the shirt right above the left breast pocket. Sometimes they are attached with a simple safety pin.

These types of badges are popular with the military as well, for their dress clothes. Usually in a military setting only the last name is displayed. In most other settings the first name is displayed.

Often you will see these badges crafted from hard plastic with the name imprinted into the plastic. Usually the background is white or black and this type is also attached to the clothing by some sort of fastening device. It is hard to tell the difference between the plastic models and the metal models until you touch them.

Using name badges has a twofold reason. First off it allows customers to feel more personal with their service person. Secondly it makes the wearer feel as if they belong, it helps them to take pride in their company. When an employee is given a badge it gives the employee a feeling of belonging. It makes them feel like they are part of something bigger and that they are valued by their company.

Customers like the ability to recognize someone by name it makes them feel more at ease. Name badges give the impression that the company is honest and has nothing to hide because they put their employees out with their names right there on their chests.

Name badges are simple tools but have complex underlying issues. They can be found worn by many people on a daily basis. Some companies are very strict about their employees wearing their name badges because they are an important part of their work uniform. They offer a certain amount of comfort to both the employees and to the customers.

Name badge information can be found all over the internet. Name badges will let your customers feel a bit more personal with your employees.

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