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Name Badges – A great Reminder!

The article below helps remind you of how name badges, id badges, and other badges are so useful for reminding people of your business. If your business has a name badge, with an attractive design, and a logo that is easily remembered then your business is going to be remembered.

It is so easy to forget names, but an attractive design on a name badge is going to stay in your head for so much longer.

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Badges and ID Badges

By John Gest

Name Badges - Here`s a quick bit of Mensa-like IQ testing for you. Remember the last stranger you were introduced to in business? Well, what was his or her name and designation within the company? Indeed, what company did he or she work for? And could you instantly remember whom to contact if you needed that person in a hurry to help you seal a deal or solve a problem? OK, granted, it`s difficult for us all to remember names, designations and company details but you can at least try and having name badges made for all your personnel overcomes the problem beautifully. Most of us will remember personal details as soon as we`ve seen them written down.

Yes, it helps if you use a system of mnemonics or memory games but simple name badges do a wonderful job in helping us to take a mental photograph that will stay indefinitely for quick recall later. It`s even better if the name badges have a photograph on them because then the face is matched to the details and you`re away! Try it for yourself, free of charge. There are internet companies like ftpromotions out there now, who will devise unique sample name badges incorporating your colours, logo, artistic background and identity details absolutely free of charge. Distribute the free samples among your staff or give them to guests and see for yourself how effective the whole concept can be. Most big industries have been doing name badges for years so you`re in good company with people like British Airways, Esso, the NHS, Marriott Hotels and the BBC. And if you want to know whom they trust for their 48-hour turn around of name badges, go on the internet and type ftpromotions. It couldn`t be easier.

Since the UK government mooted the suggestion of issuing us all with an id card, vehement arguments have raged both for and against but the simple truth is that most of us in corporate industry and commerce wear a personalised, photographic id card, badge or name tag every day. It makes us more recognisable, memorable and it is an instant introduction, serving much the same purpose as the elegant calling cards of Victorian and Edwardian times. The id card of today, as exemplified by internet companies such as ftpromotions, is an elegant full colour arrangement of your corporate logo, an appropriate background design, the individual`s photograph, name and designation, and more, all carefully designed to reflect your business acumen and the people who make it all happen for you. You can choose a photo id card or indeed a name tag of pretty much any design you can imagine these days.

So if you fancy something uniquely devised for a company promotion or to welcome guests to a conference, for example, you can have it. The choice isn`t even limited to just corporate and company designs but you`ll find companies such as ftpromotions creating a specific id card for particular occasions or for marketing and promotional purposes, just like you`d see at one of the big car or product expos. It`s a simple fact but if you`re going to be in touch with your public, you need an instantly recognisable id card – even the police are insisting that people ask to see them whenever they open their door to a stranger so it`s a wise move to kit out your staff and management regardless of what the government says! Like it or not, an id card can be instant verification of your voracity. It`s only if you`ve something to hide, you`ll have an objection!

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