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Benefits and Advantages of Magnetic Name Badges

The thought of choosing what kind of badge an organization uses seems like quite a small one.  There are so many different badges and types, and choosing the right badge makes more of an impact then people first think.

A wrong choice may result in less productivity, less profit, demoralized employeees and much more.   It is important to choose your badge holders very carefully.  Magnetic Badge holders are extremely beneficial for many reasons as will be outlined below. 

Magnetic Name Badges: No Damage to Clothing

Traditional name badge holders use a safety pin to hold the badge in place, however these slowly cause damage to the piece of clothing that they are pinned to.  Everyday the badge is going in and out of the clothing, continually wearing out the material, forcing either the company of the person to purchase new clothing more often.

Magnetic Badges: Take Off Easy and Put on Easier

Everyone has experienced the pain that it can be to take name tags on and off.  Especially for some businesses, where they use their ID cards for identification, it can be very frustrating to continually be unpinning your badge and then re-pinning it again.  Magnetic Badges are extremely easy to take off and put on, and allows individuals to quickly verify identification without wasting time.

Magnetic Name Badge: Any Material

If you use normal badges on material such as silk, the badge will quickly cause major damage to the clothing.  However, magnetic badges can be used on next to every material.  People may not want to pierce their new leather jacket with a safety pin, but with magnetic badges, no damage will be done.  Magnetic Badges can clamp on to any material.
As you can see from this article it seems evident that Magnetic Badges are a great way forward for any business. It would be a good suggestion for you to have a think about your own business and see whether magnetic badges are right for you.