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Useful Information on Medals and Medallions

This page is designed to provides some useful information on medals and medallions available in a full range of metal finishes and in any size, 2d or 3d. 

Patrice Badges make Medals and Medallions for all commemorative, sporting and award occasions. Medals and Medallions are available in the full range of metal finishes and in just about any size you can imagine. 2D and 3D Medals and Medallions can be produced as stand alone badges, mounted as boxed sets or mounted on a Ribbon set or with a neck Lanyard.

Wikipedia defines a medallion as:
"A medallion is a piece of metal, usually carved or engraved; circular (like a coin) and large, that is used as a work of art, souvenir, medal, or worn on the body as a special symbol or as a fashion accessory on a necklace."

Wikipedia defines a medal as: "A Medal is usually a coin-like sculpted object of metal or other material that has been (generally) die-struck with an insignia, portrait or other artistic rendering."

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