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The Basic Types of Name Badges

The article below has been written to explain to you the different types of basic name badges, such as paper, plastic and metal.  It is often possible to customize the name badge into something that you would like.  For example change the font size, colour, background design and more.  Read more below.

Name Badges – Basic Types (Paper, Plastic & Metal)

There are several different kinds of name badges that you can select from. The three basic types of name badges include paper, plastic and metal. Plastic and metal name badges will generally need to be special ordered, however, you can design and print your own paper name tags using your home computer or using your office computer.

If you are interested in metal name badges, magnetic name badges or engraved name badges then you will most likely need to special order them. Most office supply companies have a printing department that handles name tag engraving and printing. Before you order a custom name badge you will want to review your font options and badge designs. You will want to use the same design and font for all of your employees.

To order a custom name badge you will need to fill out an order form. On the order form you will select the font style, size and color, as well as the background design. You will then need to write out what you want printed or engraved on the name badge. Make sure that you spell everything correctly on the form. Otherwise you will have to have the items reprinted at your expense.

If you are interested in printing your own name badges then you will want to focus on paper name badges. You have two design options for paper name badges. You can use a name badge kit or you can create badges from scratch. If you use the kit then all you will have to do is scan through the templates in your word processor to find one that will work for the kit you selected. If you use Word then you will be able to find templates for Avery name badges. If you buy a generic name badge kit then you will want to read the box to see what Avery product they are modeled after. You can then use the corresponding Avery template in Word to design your name tags or id badges.

Custom ID badges and pins can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to add extra security in your office or venue, they can be used to identify people at a workshop or seminar, or they can be used as an entry card for conventions and other special events. Custom ID badges also work great for employee ID passes. When designing your employee ID badge you will want to include such things as a photo of the employee, their name, their job title, department and your company logo. Custom and engraved ID Badges and Nurse Name Badge Pins - Custom ID Badges is your source for employee ID badges, security tags, & custom neck lanyards and badge holders.

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