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Useful Articles on Magnetic Name Badges, ID Badges, Lanyards and other Badges

Articles on how, why and what...

Here are some useful articles, providing information on the different types of name badges.  The purpose of these articles is to provide you information on how name badges can help your business, or explain the process of building badges, or even the history of name badges.

Magnetic Name Badges – A great reminder!

This article is designed to show you how name badges are so useful for reminding people of your business. If your business has a name badge, with an attractive design, and a logo that is easily remembered then your business is going to be remembered.

It is so easy to forget names, but an attractive design on a name badge is going to stay in your head for so much longer.

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Tips on choosing the right promotional badges!

This article provides you with some helpful tips for when you are looking at choosing promotional badges for your business. Should you choose button badges, enamel badges, name badges or other types? This article provides some helpful pointers in that direction.

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Types of Name Badges!

This article is designed to show you some of the major types of name badges. This article should help you identify what a badge actually is. Read this article to find and learn about the different types of articles.

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Picking Name Badges!

This article is designed to help you pick name badges that are beneficial to your business. It is sometimes hard to know what type of name badge you need. This article should help you.

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Magnetic Name Badges: Benefits and Advantages

Typical name badges holders can be annoying to take off, can damage your shirt and can't be used in some circumstances. The same cannot be said about magnetic name badges, with magnetic badges they are so easy to take off, they can be used with any materials and they won't ruin your clothes.

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Name Badges – Presenting Yourself in Style

This article shows you just how good name badges can be. They are an excellent way to promote your company's name in style and are of the newest fashion trends. Name Badges offer a wide variety in designs, colours, shapes and more. These options can help you make your name badge a stylish and fashionable icon of your business.

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Identification Badges Offer Security and More

The article below provides you with some quality information on ID (Identification) Badges and showing you just how important they have become in the work place and in the school system. They have become so easy to use and are great for identifying who people are and whether that person is trespassing or not. As time goes on, these cards seem to advance in leaps and bounds. Read this article for more information.

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Personalized Magnetic Name Badges – Your Unique Identity

Personalized Badges are a great way to acknowledge every individual in the company or corporation. It shows the customers, that each member of the team is respected in their own way, with their own unique name badge. This also creates a more positive atmosphere in the company and amongst the workers. Read on for more positive aspects to the "personalized name badge".

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Name Badge Holders

There are many different types of name badges, as this website has demonstrated. However, not only are there many types of name badges, there are also many different types of name badge holders, such as the following article demonstrates. There are plastic holders, vinyl holders, reflective holders, shielded holders even glow in the dark holders and more.

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Reasons for ID Badges

This article provides you with some quality information on ID (Identification) Badges and explaining how important ID badges are becoming in today's society. They are generally a requirement for employees in most organizations. This article will explain a few of the benefits in wearing ID badges.

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Name Badges – Tell the World Who You Are

This article provides you with some good positive reasons for name badges. At first, name badges may seem like just another addition but name badges are so much more then that. Name Badges allow customers to become quickly connected to those working at the business (since they know their name) but it also gives those wearing the name badge a sense of belonging and worth.

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The Basic Types of Name Badges

This article has been written to explain to you the different types of basic name badges, such as paper, plastic and metal. It is often possible to customize the name badge into something that you would like. For example change the font size, colour, background design and more.

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